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Membership Thredbo Accommodation Thredbo Events October 14, 2010

Attunga Ski Lodge – Spring Update

The Board met last night to review a number of matters following the close of a very successful season, for Thredbo and for the lodge.

As members would be aware, the company resolved to change its name from Hyswest Limited to Attunga Ski Lodge Limited.  The change in name has been accepted by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) so please address all future correspondence and payments in this name.  We also received ASIC approval to change the balance date of the company from 30 June to 30 September.  As a result, the company’s financial statements will be prepared as at 30 September 2010 and be finalised over the next couple of months.  As a result of this change, the date of the Annual General Meeting will also change, and is expected to be called for sometime during January or February 2011. Of course, we are sensitive to members being away over the Christmas period, so will be endeavouring to arrange it for as convenient time as possible in the New Year.

We are currently reviewing the performance of the club over the past eighteen months and developing a forecast and budget for 2011 which will be used to formulate the level of member subscriptions for 2011 as well as next winter season’s rates.  We expect to advise members of these rates in early December.  As part of this review, the Board has resolved to follow up a number of past year subscriptions that remain outstanding.  We suspect that a number of members may not be aware that they have outstanding subscriptions so we plan to send out reminder notices in the next few days.  We apologise in advance should the notice come as a shock.  Should you receive such a reminder notice and believe that you have paid, please contact our Treasurer, Jeof Falls, who would be pleased to respond to any enquiries.

The Board has also taken the opportunity to review the rates over the summer period.  Thredbo offers many varied summer events and, as most members would be aware, the lodge is available to members and guests over the summer period on a self-help basis.  We encourage you to use the lodge, which you can do so by booking with the Lodge Managers – e-mail via the website contact page or call Rob & Lyn on +61 403 756 066 or +61 2 6457 6050.

Effective immediately, the rates for summer will be as follows:

Members and Partners of Members $25.00 per night with Children $15.00 per night and Non Members $45.00 per night and Non Member Children $15.00

Any members who have booked prior to this notice will continue to be charged at the old summer rates.

The Board received several letters from members during the season with suggestions for improving the lodge.  We thank all those who have sent us emails, and look forward to providing feedback on the actions we will be taking in our December Newsletter.