Prior to each ski season members of Attunga Ski Lodge are able to participate in a Priority Booking process which closes on 31st March each year. Members booking during the Priority Booking period should always nominate dates for first and second preference seven day Sunday to Sunday weeks as a ballot system may have to be invoked if there is excess demand for popular weeks such as school race week.  If a member’s second priority week is allocated for a season, directors running the allocation process will look to allocate the nominated first priority date for the next season’s Priority Booking period.   After allocation of priority bookings early in April Attunga’s mangers take over the booking process for members and non-members.

During the peak winter season room availability can be seen on the Availability Tab and news on room availability is also periodically posted on the Attunga website News PageFacebook and Google + .

It is always wise to call Attunga’s managers Elsa and Errol Hanlon on +61 2 6457 6050 or email  to discuss room availability for your preferred dates.  If they a room is available for you desired dates, you should then proceed to confirm and pay for your stay using the Book & Pay form on the website which will accept Visa or MasterCard through the Commonwealth Bank’s secure CommWeb payment gateway.  

Verbal or email booking requests will not be held without prompt completion of one of the booking confirmation forms and full payment.

Click on the link for further details on Booking Procedure and note that all bookings are subject to Attunga’s House Rules and the Attunga Code of Conduct.


Partners of Members and partners of Member’s children will be charged at the same rate as the Member, and that children of partners will be charged at the same rate as children of Members. 


Adult 13-16 yrs 2-12 yrs Under 2 yrs
PEAK (Winter) – 1st July to 25th August 2018
Week 685.00 435.00 330.00 Free
Day 115.00 70.00 55.00 Free
Accompanied Guest
Week 1,350.00 640.00 330.00 Free
Day 225.00 110.00 55.00 Free
Unaccompanied Guest
Week 1,680.00 760.00 380.00 Free
Day 275.00 135.00 65.00 Free
SHOULDER – 11th June to 30th June 2018 and 26th August to 15th September 2018
Week 610.00 395.00 295.00 Free
Day 105.00 65.00 45.00 Free
Accompanied Guest
Week 1,220.00 560.00 300.00 Free
Day 200.00 85.00 50.00 Free
Unaccompanied Guest
Week 1,475.00 650.00 330.00 Free
Day 225.00 95.00 55.00 Free
OFF-PEAK – Until 7th June 2018 and 16th September 2018 to 6th June 2019
Day 35.00 20.00 20.00 Free
Accompanied Guest
Day 35.00 20.00 20.00 Free
Unaccompanied Guest
Day 80.00 50.00 40.00 Free


All Tariffs above include GST.

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The members’ initial priority booking period is open from 20th February and will extend through to 31st March, 2011 – a booking form is attached for completion on the final page of this newsletter.