LOADING ATTUNGA Attunga Ski Lodge Thredbo
Accommodation January 03, 2016

New Booking System

Attunga’s new booking system has been activated on the Book & Pay Page of Attunga’s website. Unlike the old system which required a new line for each guest the new system can account for one or more people belonging to the same category such as “Member Adult”. From the booking example below covering 7 people note that rows 2 & 4 each account for 1 person whilst row 1 covers 2 Member Adults and row 3 covers 3 Members 2-12 years.

All guest names should be listed in the notes field of the form.

Booking Example

Click on the link for screen shots of the new booking process.

Bookings can also be made from browser based instances of Attunga’s Facebook page but please note that the booking system does not work from within in iOS & Android Facebook apps on mobile devices.

In future please use the URL https://attunga.wpengine.com rather than the URL beginning with http:// as security on the website has also been upgraded.

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